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NEWTEC MDM5010 Satellite Modem

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A clear answer to the market's ever increasing throughput demand, launched at IBC 2018. The Newtec MDM5010 Satellite modem is the very high throughput modem capable of handling more than 500 Mbps of traffic. With a symbol rate ranging from 1 up to 500 Mbaud and coding from QPSK to 256APSK in the forward channel, it enables network operators to set-up almost any type and size of network on any available type of satellite – for example, traditional FSS, next generation High Performance Satellites, HTS. The Newtec MDM5010 Satellite Modem supports a wide range of IP Services including internet/intranet access, Voice over IP (VoIP), backbones for mobile backhauling and trunking, fibre restoral/ backup services, contribution and multicasting services. The high spectral efficiency, high packet and bit rate capability makes the MDM5010 a perfect fit for very bandwidth-intensive services in the enterprise, backhauling, offshore and maritime markets.

Key features

  • 500 Mbaud, 256APSK DVB-S2X forward
  • Total processing throughput over 500 Mbps
  • Embedded TCP acceleration and encryption
  • GTP acceleration and header compression
  • Multilevel QoS
  • Low jitter for real-time applications
  • Versatile IP routing and addressing
  • Support of IPv4 and IPv6
  • Multiple virtual networks behind the modem
  • MF-TDMA, Mx-DMA and SCPC return