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Arri ALEXA SXT W Pro Camera Set, 1 TB

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Arri ALEXA SXT W Pro Camera Set, 1 TB The ALEXA camera system is known for its exceptional image performance that is simple to operate, reliable in even the most extreme environments and versatile enough to cover a wide range of workflow and budget requirements.

Based on this proven technology is the ALEXA SXT W: It has a built-in video transmitter which makes the camera smaller and lighter than it would be with an external transmitter. It also means fewer cables around the camera and fewer associated problems, since cable failure is by far the most common technical hitch on set. Camera setup and power-up are quicker, and productions are able to move faster.  


  • K0.0014993 1x SXT W Basic Camera Set for Pro Set, 1 TB
  • K2.0006942 4x Codex SXR Capture Drive 1TB
  • K2.72139.0 1x ALEXA PL S35 FSND Filter Set, Full
  • K0.71030.0 1x ALEXA Bundle Accessory Set, EV/Plus/W/LF
  • Note 1: Docks or on-board battery adapters are not included and can be ordered separately.
  • Note 2: For use with FSND filters, the included FSND shim has to be installed to assure proper flange focal depth.