Sachtler Ace Accessories Set incl. Ace Shoulder Rig (1022)

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Sachtler Ace Accessories Set incl. Ace Shoulder Rig (1022) The set contains the following components: Ace Base Plate (S2154-0001) + Ace Matte Box (S2152-0001) + Ace Follow Focus (S2153-0001) + Ace Shoulder Rig (S2158-0001) + Rods (S2154-1905) + Ace Height Extender (S2153-1202) Upgrade your 75 mm tripod system with Ace Accessories to make it the perfect workhorse. The Ace Base Plate, the Ace Matte Box, the Ace Follow Focus and the Ace Shoulder Rig guarantee complete versatility for professional projects – whether you are working with a DSLR or a HDV camera. The Ace Accessories feature easy assembly, ergonomic design and robust German engineering. At the same time they deliver true Sachtler quality at an excellent price / performance ratio. Ace Base Plate The height-adjustable Ace Base Plate is the ideal platform for 15-mm rods. It can be attached to the camera directly. If needed you can add the anti-twist stop to prevent the camera from turning, especially for some DSLR cameras. The Ace Base Plate can be easily taken down to go on shooting with your Shoulder Rig. With a payload up to 15.4 lbs it offers maximum flexibility when attaching additional accessories. Ace Matte Box For minimising lens flare, the Ace Matte Box is your go-to product. It provides space for up to two 4 x 4 or 4 x 5.65 in filters. The front filter stage is fixed, while the rear filter stage can be rotated up to 90 degress left or right. The Ace Matte Box contains two different sized neoprene rings, you can easily cut to fit your lens collection. Additionally it comes with an adjustable rod bridge so that it can be adapted to different lens heights. Two accessory bars allow a variety of products to be attached to the sunshade up to a payload of 2.2 lbs. Ace Follow Focus The Ace Follow Focus shines with many features like backlash-free performance, exact lens control hard stops and pinion / friction wheel insertable on every gear box side. The direction of rotation is changeable depending on various camera or lens configurations. For setting focal distances it comes supplied with two interchangeable marking disks that are easy to remove and to replace. Ace Shoulder Rig The Ace Shoulder Rig includes a Shoulder Mount and hand grips to allow you a ready to shoot solution. The shoulder mount offers a solid point of contact and support for secure and smooth off-tripod shooting. With adjustable handles the hand grips can be fitted on a universal mount. The two arms can be angled independently to bring the handles closer or set them farther apart. Mounted on a fluid head, the Ace Shoulder Rig can be used as double pan bars.