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EZ-3 Angenieux

Compact and affordable cinestyle tele zoom ◆ Based on the same philosophy as EZ-1 & EZ-2 ◆ Compact & lightweight : 2.6 kg I 4,40 […]

77 945,43 

95 872,88  z VAT

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Opis produktu

THE NEW EZ-3 LENS The EZ-3 lens is the new Tele-lens addition to the versatile, future proof Angénieux EZ series. Based on the same philosophy as EZ-1 and EZ-2, the EZ-3 is a compact and affordable cinestyle zoom lens. It also includes improvements such as a quick IRO Technology® mechanism and dual focus scales (feet-meters). The new Tele zoom 45 - 165 mm T2.3/T3 S35 and 68 - 250 mm T3.5/T4.5 FF works with multiple camera formats, thanks to its easy interchangeable mount system (PL, RF, EF, E).