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Arri ALEXA LF Pro Camera Set, 1 TB

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Arri ALEXA Pro Camera Sets contain an ALEXA camera, sufficient media and a number of must-have accessories to get you up and shooting quickly. The content of the Bundle Accessory Sets can be seen in the "Accessory Sets" section a little further on.


  • K0.0018830 1x ALEXA LF Basic Camera Set for Pro Set, 1 TB
  • K2.0006942 4x Codex SXR Capture Drive 1TB
  • K2.0018790 1x ALEXA LPL LF FSND Filter Set, Full
  • K0.71030.0 1x ALEXA Bundle Accessory Set, EV/Plus/W/LF
  • Note 1: Docks or on-board battery adapters are not included and can be ordered separately.
  • Note 2: For use with FSND filters, the included FSND shim has to be installed to assure proper flange focal depth.